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Traditional Litigation

Divorce Litigation in California

Divorce litigation in California is the traditional divorce process where each party hires a family lawyer who provides legal advice and represents the party in negotiations and court hearings. Each lawyer advocates positions based on the personal wants, needs and viewpoints of his/her client. The process may involve the use of formal legal procedures known as “discovery” to obtain financial and other relevant information. Discovery may include the use of depositions (a formal taking of testimony before a court reporter) and the subpoenaing of documents or other material believed to be relevant to the issues. Each party may also hire experts to support his/her position. These experts may include psychologists, real estate and personal property appraisers, business valuation specialists, accountants, and others.

Some cases cannot be resolved without going to court. If the case does not settle, any remaining issues will be heard by the judge or an agreed private judge to resolve these issues. The California family lawyers at Whiting, Ross, Abel & Campbell, LLP have extensive trial experience and will guide you through that process. Our attorneys have lectured and published articles on litigating family law matters. Should your case be one that cannot be settled, we will vigorously represent you in the litigation process.

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Divorce litigation in California requires experienced family lawyers to resolve issues related to child custody, child support, asset division, spousal support, and more. The trusted family lawyers at Whiting, Ross, Abel & Campbell, LLP, located in Walnut Creek, are here to help you with all your family law concerns. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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