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Collaborative Divorce Practice

Collaborative Divorce in California

Collaborative Divorce in California is another option offered by Whiting, Ross, Abel & Campbell, LLP. If both parties in a case elect this form of representation, they commit at the outset to resolving the case through negotiation rather than court action. The family law attorneys agree not to be litigation counsel. Unlike divorce mediation, the parties electing collaborative law are actively represented by their attorneys in each step of the negotiation process.

The goal of Collaborative divorce in California is to come to a mutually acceptable, negotiated settlement between two parties without the threat of going to court. In this practice, each party retains his/her own California collaborative divorce attorney who will gather information, provide education on rights, responsibilities, and options, and negotiate on his/her behalf. At the center of Collaborative Practice in California are the needs of the entire family and particularly the needs of the children. With collaborative practice, conflict is kept to a minimum so all family members can move on positively with their lives.

Collaborative Practice is a good choice when each party prefers to have his/her own independent family law attorney guide them through the legal process. If the participants ultimately are unable to agree, a collaborative divorce attorney withdraws and litigation attorneys can be retained to take the matter to court.

Contact a California Collaborative Divorce Attorney at Whiting, Ross, Abel & Campbell, LLP Today

To speak to a collaborative divorce attorney at Whiting, Ross, Abel & Campbell, LLP, contact us today. We are located in Walnut Creek, and are here to help you resolve your divorce case through negotiation-collaborative methods. We also help clients resolve issues related to child custody, child support, alimony, enforcements and modifications, prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, and more.

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