Family Law and Divorce Expertise

For nearly 40 years, the family law firm of Whiting, Ross, Abel & Campbell, LLP, has combined top-notch family and divorce lawyers with knowledgeable and experienced support staff and experts to provide high-quality representation. The firm is regarded as one of the most well-rounded firms in the practice of family law in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

Whiting, Ross, Abel & Campbell, LLP, has the dedication, staff, and experience required to handle every type of family law matter. Our Walnut Creek family law firm has a unique ability and structure to handle complex and sophisticated family law and domestic conflicts, including but not limited to marital dissolutions, legal separations, actions for spousal and child support, child custody and visitation disputes, paternity disputes, enforcement of existing court orders, and premarital and post-marital agreements.

Appropriate Resolution Based Upon Your Needs

Our family law firm has the resources to attend to all manner of clients’ needs. For clients who prefer to resolve their matters outside of court, we have attorneys who are experienced in non-litigation alternatives, such as divorce mediation and divorce collaborative practice. For cases requiring Court proceedings, our litigation attorneys are highly skilled at negotiating settlements and producing positive trial outcomes, particularly in high-conflict, high-asset, and high-earnings cases. We offer a comprehensive range of legal services to address our clients’ divorce and family law issues.

From litigation to mediation to collaborative divorce or in a hybrid of these methods, the California family law and divorce attorneys of Whiting, Ross, Abel & Campbell, LLP, have a proven track record of favorably resolving clients’ cases through skilled representation and strong advocacy.

Contact Our Trusted Divorce and Family Lawyers Today

Whether you need help resolving issues related to divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, or any other family law matter, we have the expertise to help resolve your issues. The Walnut Creek divorce attorneys at Whiting, Ross, Abel & Campbell, LLP can help. Contact us today!

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